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Conventional methods of cleaning a vehicle such as pressupre
washing or hand washing push drit into the clear coar and paint.

We wash your car at home

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We Wash your car at home
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Full Car Wash Service

Our expert mobile carwashing team will leave your car looking spotless and shining. Our method leaves no mess or dirt behind, your driveway or parking lot will be left exactly as we found it. Our speed and efficiency will amaze you!

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Car wash in your house

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Environmental Friendly

Car Washing

Conventional methods of cleaning a vehicle such as pressure washing or hand washing push dirt into the clear coat and paint. Steamericas method utilizes vapor-steam technology. We recommend a unique washing method that will ultimately save you time, energy and money.
Come wherever you are and we’ll wash your car.

Customer must provide a driveway, garage or an approved work area.

Washes may not be completed in the street or public property.


Kleneco -Full Car Wash Service
Kleneco -Full Car Wash Service

Ecological technology

The Optima Steamer™ is a revolutionary, environmentally-friendly vapor steam-cleaning machine. With it, we can quickly and effectively remove dirt, stains, grease, odors and other contaminants inside and outside the car without chemicals and without creating waste water run-off.

Cleaning the Interior

Steam is safe on all parts of the interior of a vehicle as well. Steam lifts dirt out of carpets, upholstery and leather, all while revitalizing these delicate materials in the process.



We have excellent staff to leave your car clean, accompanied by the best technology in cleaning equipment.


A New Way of Cleaning

Not only is steam car wash a way to conserve water and bypass regulations, but because “dry” vapor steam uses a small amount of water to produce big, powerful, sanitizing effects.


Our system uses as little as 1 gallon of water per car wash, Eliminates waste-water, Provides chemical-free sanitation.